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Anti-termite pipe system

Providing and laying of permanent piping technology anti-termite treatment before flooring work by installing LLDP (Low linear density polyethylene) tube of 8 mm OD and 6.4 mm ID with inbuilt pressure compensation chip at every 30cm interval in the tube, having working pressure of 2 kg/cm2 and release rate of 1.9 ltr. /hr fixed by p-clips and nails. The LLDP pipe shall be installed at the entire periphery of the building and at internal network of building at a depth of 20 to 200 mm under floor at every 2 to 3 mtr. c/c distance (adjusted as per building layout) & Ends of loop pass through a PVC elbow of minimum 32mm ID at junction of wall and floor level, entering into a steel reinforced grooved flexible pipe of minimum 22 mm ID leading into junction box and the loops shall terminate in junction boxes & test every junction during injecting chemical for termite control treatment. The anti-termite chemical Imidacloprid 30.5% SC mix as per IS-6313, (Part III) shall be infection by the pressure pump diluted with water @ 10.5ml/% Ltr of water at the rate of 2 kg/ @ 5 Ltr/SMT. The contractor shall submit approved line plan for piping system and junction boxes dully approved by Engineer-in-charge with bod of 5 year warranty

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