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ITEM Secure provides effective commercial pest management services to small, medium, and large businesses across India. All businesses are different but are still vulnerable to pest infestation. Some reasons to consider ITEM Secure's pest management program include maintaining the brand reputation, keeping employees safe, protecting the goods, and preventing the spread of diseases. ITEM Secure has 30 years of experience dealing with food and non-food businesses. We can design pest solutions tailored to your business requirements.

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Food Industry
  • Incorporate a pest management program to avoid revenue losses
  • Rodents, cockroaches, flies, and pest birds thrive in food processing facilities
  • AMC program that helps in the early detection of pest infestations
  • Pharmaceutical companies must keep operating without any interference 
  • There is no room for pest infestation in a pharmaceutical facility 
  • The ITEM Secure team will analyze the facility and recommend business solutions
Manufacturing Plants
  • India's manufacturing industry will boom in this decade 
  • Pest infestation in manufacturing facilities can damage inventory 
  • ITEM Secure partners with manufacturing facilities across India to provide pest control services
Commercial Businesses
  • Hospitality and small shops categorize in this section 
  • Pest infestation in hotels could jeopardize the brand name 
  • ITEM Secure helps eliminate existing pest infestation
Infrastructure Management
  • Hospitals, schools, offices, and societies categorize under this section 
  • Hygiene is a crucial part of these establishments to avoid the spread of diseases 
  • Facilities' most common pest infestation is rodents, ants, cockroaches, and birds
  • ITEM Secure provides fumigation services to businesses 
  • Not including a fumigation service can risk the company's reputation and brand image 
  • Pests that require fumigation include termites, fleas, ticks, and bed bugs

Our Experts

A piece of advice from our pest experts

It is crucial to control pests to prevent costly damage to your property. Reach out to ITEM Secure for any pest problems.

Manoj Pillai

We advise our customers not to self-treat the pests. This could interfere with our treatment and efforts.

Alpesh Parekh

Pest control is a very specialized field of operation and you should always be careful while choosing your pest control service provider

Kalpesh Joshi

Handling snakes and Honey Bee requires a professional who is well trained and experienced. Trust ITEM Secure to take care of all your specialised pest control requirements.

Mahesh Solanki

Mosquitoes can prove to be very dangerous. They can spread parasites that cause serious illnesses such as Malaria, Dengue, Chicken Gunia etc. We are equipped with the latest technology and products for mosquito control.

Vipul Soni

Pigeons spread more than 25 diseases, some of which are considered deadly. These stubborn birds are very difficult to manage once established. Contact us for reliable Pigeon and other bird control solutions

Paresh Bhatt

Rodents and Cockroaches are a menace. They can infest your structures, be it residences, commercial outlets, go-downs, factories or any other type. Other than destroying the aesthetics, they are also capable of transmitting diseases. When it comes to calling a pest control operator to take care of your cockroach or rodent problem, the sooner the better. Call ITEM Secure Pvt. Ltd. now.

Mukesh Thaker

Earlier pest management was done usually only in industrial and commercial establishments. Nowadays however, it has become a necessity for residences too. Expansion of cities, increased production of waste, diminishing forests etc. have contributed a lot to the increased presence of pests in residential units.

Bhargav Patel

Fumigation, if not done properly can result in your consignment being rejected and, may also cause fatal accidents. Our accredited fumigation operators are well trained in all safety aspects as well as correct application methodology.

Chirag Rana
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