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Rodents Spread Diseases

Rodents are responsible for the transmission of several deadly diseases like Salmonella, Leptospirosis, Tuberculosis and TapeWorms. The historic plague during the middle ages or the recent plague that ravaged Surat in Gujarat are both examples of the destruction caused by these dangerous pests...

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Service Process for Rodents

The experts will determine the magnitude of the rodent infestation and advise the treatment method accordingly. Usually, the rodent control methods include chemical-based treatment, mechanical traps, glue pads, and others. The actual line of treatment will depend on inspection findings.


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Additional Information

About Rodents
  • Rodents are responsible for the transmission of diseases like Salmonella and Tuberculosis 
  • Rodents cause diseases, damage to structures, damage to crops, and food contamination
  • Rodent infestation can also have consequences on your business..
Signs of Rodent Infestation
  • Rats leave behind droppings that are usually 10mm long
  • Rodents produce a distinctive smell which can help you identify the crisis
  • Rodents gnaw incessantly on materials like plastic and wood
Rodent FAQ’s
  • How are rats and mice different?
  • How do rats get indoors?
  • Do rats pose a health risk for my family?

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Rodents and Cockroaches are a menace. They can infest your structures, be it residences, commercial outlets, go-downs, factories or any other type. Other than destroying the aesthetics, they are also capable of transmitting diseases. When it comes to calling a pest control operator to take care of your cockroach or rodent problem, the sooner the better. Call ITEM Secure Pvt. Ltd. now.

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