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Bed bugs have been intruding into the homes and lives of humans for thousands of years. These elusive pests live on blood and can reach the most inaccessible places. Bed Bugs are nocturnal insects, making their detection difficult. Though anyone can do bed bug control, the services of a professional pest control company like ITEM Secure are advisable to ensure 100% extermination and to minimize the chances of a repeat infestation. 

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Bug Control

The experts will determine the magnitude of the bed bug infestation and advise the treatment method accordingly. Usually, the experts will recommend the Prophylactic treatment as and when required. The actual line of treatment depends on the site survey findings, and the chemicals may also vary.


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Additional Information

About Bed Bugs
  • These pests live on blood and are capable of reaching the most inaccessible places
  • Bed bugs are nocturnal insects, making their detection difficult
  • Bed bugs have been intruding on the homes and lives of humans for thousands of years
Signs of Bed Bug Infestation
  • Bed Bugs bite to suck blood and leave distinct marks on the body
  • Dark and sand-like droppings found in patches near nests/harborage
  • Bed bugs go through molting; these empty outer shells indicate bed bug presence
Bed Bug FAQ’s
  • What are bed bugs?
  • Where are bed bugs found?
  • How can bed bugs be treated or prevented?

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We advise our customers not to self-treat the pests. This could interfere with our treatment and efforts.

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