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Prevent Bee Infestation

A honey bee sting is excruciating but is not considered lethal in the case of a single sting. However, all honey bee stings require medical attention. Multiple honey bee stings increase the amount of venom in the body and are considered lethal for children and adults. Also, the presence of bee hives near human establishments requires immediate attention.

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Service Process for Fumigation

Trapped fumigation is the primary method ITEM Secure uses to fumigate containers. In this process, the gas is filled into the container through a probe. The container is then exposed to the gas for required time until the pests are eliminated. Afterwards, aeration is carried out to release the gas from the container. 


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About Bees
  • Honey Bees are known to be beneficial insects that help in pollination
  • Bee stings can be dangerous and sometimes even result in death
  • Rely on professionals like ITEM Secure for all bee related problems
Signs of Bee Infestation
  • If you spot a bee nest on your premise, there is a high possibility that the bees are invading
  • Bees flying around the property indicate a bee colony nearby
  • Dark patches on the wall could indicate that the bees have begun nesting and reproducing
Bees FAQ’s
  • Are bees good for the ecosystem?
  • How to prevent a bee infestation?
  • What method will be used for the removal of the beehive?

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