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The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a massive loss of human life worldwide and presents an unprecedented challenge to public health. India is experiencing a devastating wave of the Coronavirus. Even the most earnest, massive policy and technological advances would be limited in their ability to solve the prevailing problems in the country. ITEM Secure has stepped up to help India in these unusual times by providing Covid products and services. Since the first day, the company has been on its toes and has been working continuously, even during the lockdown, to keep people safe and provide Covid-19 assistance. 

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Ultra Low Volume spraying is the primary method used by ITEM Secure for disinfecting properties. As the world opens up, we urge everyone to call the experts to disinfect their homes and offices. We work day and night to disinfect banks, hospitals, schools, and other public places.  


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It is crucial to control pests to prevent costly damage to your property. Reach out to ITEM Secure for any pest problems.

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We advise our customers not to self-treat the pests. This could interfere with our treatment and efforts.

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